Permanent Water Transfers

Permanent transfers permanently and legally change the location where water rights are appurtenant and possibly the point of diversion.

Initiate a transfer request at least seven (7) working days before the Board meeting to allow time for research. A transfer fee is collected to offset recording and research costs.

Bring related plats or documents that may help support your transfer request to the office. Company personnel will review your application and discuss transfer policies with you.

All lien holders and mortgagees must consent to the transfer before the paperwork is completed.

After TFCC Board approval, transfer applications are sent to the American Falls Reservoir District for final approval by their Board.

The entire transfer process may take as long as 3 months to complete.

Seasonal Water Transfers

Seasonal transfers are only effective for one irrigation season. The stockholder should first apply and pay a transfer fee to TFCC. The Board of Directors of the company must approve the transfer.

Designated transfers are allowed, by request on transfer gates, by notifying the ditchrider before delivery changes. Call your ditchrider from 7:00 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. for water transfers for the next day. This allows your ditchrider to accommodate your request.

Transfers of equal amounts of water, which do not change the original amount ordered, are allowed by the ditchrider. This includes transfers from one headgate to another on the same canal or lateral by the same operator.

Transfers may only be completed on a route during a ditchrider’s scheduled stop at your turnouts. Later transfers result in increased Company costs in overtime and added mileage for the ditchrider.

Operational Transfers

Operational transfers are defined as temporary in-season transfers that are either transfer within the same lateral or the immediate vicinity of the Transferor land. Operational transfers are subject to the “General TFCC transfer Policy applicable to all Water Transfers.”

To assist water users in making a crop when deliveries are less than 5/8″ allocation, TFCC will make every attempt to accommodate operational transfers. However, operational transfers will be closely scrutinized to minimize adverse impacts to other water users and to ensure the transfer can be accomplished within the parameters and conditions of the system.

Operational transfers requests are submitted to the appropriate watermaster for his consideration and approval and are also reviewed by the manager, in the event the transfer is denied by the watermaster or manager, the transfer request can be submitted to the Board for its consideration.

Water transferred according to an operational transfer will remain in the transferred headgate for a minimum of five (5) days.

Operational transfers will not be allowed if the transfer would impact any other water user. In addition, approved operational transfers may later be revoked if an impact to another water user is discovered after the water is transferred.

Additional Criteria

(a) NO unacceptable fluctuations inflows of the transferor lateral will occur as determined by TFCC’s watermaster.

(b) The transferee lateral must have an adequate carrying capacity to accommodate the additional flow as determined by TFCC’s watermaster.