Company Responsibility

Turn on and Turn Off Policies: Each year the Board of Directors determines the dates to initiate and terminate water deliveries based on water supplies and weather conditions.

Delivery: The Company makes every effort possible to ensure a continuous supply of water to its waterusers. It is impossible to guarantee uninterrupted water deliveries, company personnel will use their best efforts.

Operation: Company employees operate all headgates, turnouts, and other control devices. The wateruser is not to tamper with these facilities. Stockholders should contact Company personnel to assist with any water delivery problems.

Locks: placed on all headgates, canals, and laterals must remain locked.

Measurement: To help assure waterusers a consistent and uniform water delivery, measurement is provided by Company employees.

Pumps. The Company prohibits pumping directly from any canal or lateral. Headgates with measuring devices are required for all water deliveries.

Wateruser Responsibility

Water orders “on” or “off”: Ditchriders are available to receive calls between 7:00 and 7:30 am, Monday through Saturday.

At the beginning of the irrigation season, all orders for water delivery must be given to the ditchrider 48 hours in advance.

During the season, adjustments can normally be made by the following day. To conserve water supplies, waterusers are requested to advise their ditchrider when water deliveries may be shut off.