Company Responsibility

The Canal Company’s responsibility stops at the headgate. TFCC has no responsibility for community ditches. The Company is not responsible for maintenance or for monitoring water delivery below their headgate.

Wateruser Responsibility

The responsibility for maintenance of community ditches delivering water beyond the Canal Company delivery headgate rests with the ultimate user.

The maintenance of the conveyance system across the property of a wateruser is the responsibility of the wateruser unless a written agreement states otherwise. However, If 1 a non-wateruser pipes the ditch, the non-wateruser maintains it.

When more than one wateruser receives water from the same turnout, it is the landowners’ responsibility to provide the means to get the water from the Company’s headgate to the land he wishes to irrigate. It is very important for waterusers to communicate and work together.

The landowners in a multiple turnout who have paid their assessments have the responsibility to see that anyone in the turnout who has not paid does not use the water.

Forming Small Water Organizations within the Twin Falls Canal Company. To avoid problems, multiple waterusers as a group may organize and establish their own small water organizations

· In this case, the whole area served by the turnout would be regarded and assessed as one piece of land.

· The group could elect their own Board of Directors, and set the amount for their assessments to cover maintenance, equipment, and assessments from the larger company.

· They should work out a schedule so each wateruser will receive water on a certain day on a rotation basis, or some other method as determined within their organization.

· A watermaster should be appointed to order water from the larger Company

· Construction costs to build a suitable system for water delivery to the various landowners within the boundaries of their small organization are the responsibility of the landowners.

If you are interested in this type of an agreement, please contact the Company Manager.

In some cases it may be advisable for multiple waterusers to request the installation of private turnouts. Any cost involved would be the responsibility of the landowners. Be sure to consult the Company before any such changes are made.