Company Policy

Floods due to Storm Water Runoff. Floods occur when flows exceed the capacity of canals and laterals and other natural waterways. During the non-irrigation season flooding or storm water of the system can and does occur due to runoff water that infiltrates the system.

  • Company forces shall reasonably assist in efforts to control flood waters and minimize flood damage to stockholders and the Company shall not be responsible for any damages.
  • Company forces shall not divert water from coulees or natural drainage channels into the Company distribution system as a means of reducing the flow in the coulee or natural drainage channel.
  • Such efforts shall include work to divert water to prevent it from entering the Canal Company distribution system.

If the Canal Company is advised that property is being flooded and examination reveals the water is being supplied though a Company headgate and is caused by lack of maintenance of the wateruser’s conveyance system, the Company will turn off the headgate until the problem is rectified