General Manager Brian Olmstead

208-733-6731 or E-mail


The by-laws provide for five directors to direct and establish policy for the Company. Each director’s term is for three years. The staggering of terms provides for no more than two directors be elected in any one year. Cumulative voting (shares times the number of directors being elected) is used to determine the number of votes a stockholder votes in Director elections. Any stockholder may run for election as a Director when the seat in the district in which the stockholder resides is up for election.



Dan Shewmaker –  Kimberly District 1

Dave Patrick – Twin Falls District 2
Roger Blass – Filer District 3
Rick Pearson – Buhl District 4
Phil Blick  – Castleford District 5


Twin Falls Office and Yard – 208-733-6731

Buhl Office and Yard – 208-543-4264

Field Supervisor – Jay Barlogi

Engineer Tech – Jason Brown

Power Plant Engineer – Louis Zamora

TF Watermaster – Troy Jones

TF O & M Supervisor – Clay Robinson

Castleford Watermaster – Wayne Burgemeister

Buhl/Filer Watermaster – Quintin Cammack

O & M Supervisor – Doug Howard

Water Rights Specialist – Raynay Shetler

Human Relations – Kimberly Rankin

Financial – Jennifer Hansing