Ditch Riders


All orders for water deliveries MUST be given to YOUR DITCHRIDER 48 hours in advance.

Ditchriders are available to receive calls at their listed telephone numbers between 7 & 7:30 a.m. Monday through Saturday.

If you are unable to reach your ditchrider, the Twin Falls and Buhl offices will take water orders until 11:00 a.m. Monday through Friday

Twin Falls Area

Office and Yard – 733-6731

Manager – Brian Olmstead

Field Servisor – Jay Barlogi

TF Watermaster – Troy Jones

TF O & M Supervisor – Clay Robinson

Engineering Technician – Louis Zamora

Murtaugh – Milner

Milner Dam – Doug Ping

Murtaugh Lake – Doug Stanger

Kimberly – Hansen Area Ditchriders

Hansen Area – Jon Crane

Lowline So. of Kimberly – Mike Quarve

Highline So. of Kimberly – Scott Ross

Kimberly W. of Kimberly – Aaron Christensen

Northeast of Kimberly – Raynay Shetler

Twin Falls Area Ditchriders

NW of & Twin Falls City – TBA

Airport Area – Kelley Collins

SW of Twin Falls – Mark Makin

Lowline Curry Area – Walt Taylor 

Buhl Area

Buhl/Castleford Office & Yard – 543-4264

Castleford Watermaster – Wayne Burgemeister

Buhl/Filer Watermaster – Quintin Cammack

O & M Supervisor – Doug Howard

Filer – Buhl Area

North of Filer – Heather Goicochea

Filer & Peavey – Mike Graybeal

West of Peavey – Janie Stiegemeir

East of Buhl – TBA 

Buhl Area – Bob Bowman

West of Buhl – Justin Clark

Lucerne Area – TBA

Buhl – Castleford Ditchriders

Clover – Mike Ihler 

West of Hwy 93 – April Thorson

South of Buhl – Shawn Barrutia

East of Castleford – Jessica Robinson

SE of Castleford – Cheryl Sample

S of Castleford – Tracy Vulgamore

Castleford – TBA

Board of Directors

Murtaugh-Hansen-Kimberly – Dan Shewmaker

Twin Falls – Dave Patrick

Filer – Roger Blass

Buhl – Rick Pearson

Castleford – Phil Blick